Sorry for the lack of posts! I am babysitting my younger brothers and cousin, and listening away to Micheal Buble. I love his music!!!

My cousins and aunt are down for a visit, and this morning we walked three miles, and ran one... I am tired... Oh, don't let me forget that we will be playing a game of "Socts and English", tonight.... fun!! = ) I would be posting pictures but we got a new computer (Yay!!!) and I can't download pictures until we figure out all the kinks... so until next time... Happy Fall! (I feel really weird saying happy fall, when I am sitting here in a short sleeve shirt and shorts, maybe we will have cold weather by Christmas, just maybe!)

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Anonymous said...

Its ok! All of us have been really busy lately, fall and summer must just be those busy months, lol! :) Hope you have fun with your aunt and cousins! Glad to hear an update from you though too! :)