Embaressing Moments... You just got to love them!

My cousins have taken me on some very embarrassing moments in my life. As some of you may know, my cousins, siblings, and I, put on a play each Christmas, the last two, my grandmother has invited some of her friends to come see it.

One play was "Anne of Green Gables", being the lucky one that I am, I got to play the part of Anne. As all of you know Anne has orange hair, so my cousin McKenzie, and my sister Abigail, sprayed my hair orange... they said, it looked good but I don't think it did! = P As I stood outside in our "dressing Room", McKenzie whispered to me what I was supposed to do. Those 2 min. talks, didn't talks together, didn't do much unfortunately. Yes, as I stood up on the "stage", I became exceedingly embarrassed, as I stood in front of the "class" to make my apology for breaking my slate over Gilbert's head (Matthew) My teacher (McKenzie), told me to tell the class that I was sorry and I would never do it again, I said "I, Anne Shirley, have a very bad temper!", and with that I stalked out of the room... Yes you read right, I said something completely different than what she told me to, I said what she had told me to say before we went out on the stage. = ) I laugh about it now!!

On another incident, or should I say one of our other plays, Us girls got up on the stage, to sing a song that I didn't know, and yes, I told them I didn't know it, but they didn't listen to me, so I grudgingly walked onto the stage. As we began to sing the song, or more like as they began to sing the song, I began to laugh, that led my sister Abigail, to laugh, so I ran off the stage followed by my my humiliated cousins and sister. We were such the show stoppers that night!


Giann said...

I love Anne of Green Gables! I wish I had cousins that would do a play with me! :(

Brooke said...

I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables! It's such a good book. Like you said...You just got to love embarrassing moments!

God bless and Happy fall!