I can't help but laugh.. = )

Every day me and my sister take turns walking with my om around the college in our town.

For some reason we get beeped at almost every day. Lily Kate is in her pouch thingy on Mama and I will occasionally push Levi in the stroller. We were walking on the sidewalk minding our own business, and out of the blue some college dude beeps. But all of the sudden today as we were walking, three guys packed in a little car, were staring at us, then all of the sudden one of them yelled at us! Mama was caught so off guard that she jumped!

Surely to goodness they are not beeping at us, or in some circumstances yelling, at us when we have babies with us! = )

So I just have to laugh at it... I am not on a hunt for some college aged punk, so i don't worry about it!

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