Only spring time.

I learned something new the other day-- they do say that you learn something new everyday-- but this 'something' will actually be put into practice, and not just remain in my head as a fact. No... this new 'something' that I learned is beautiful. It made me happy as I walked through the hallways, and saw "it". "It" being the beautiful golden light. The light that made the perfect silhouettes that were shown in my last post. The light that only comes with spring sunsets- and that is the only way that I would like it. Spring has so many of those things that only it can bring. And beautiful golden light that is perfect for silhouettes is one of them.

Tonight the sun was setting, and a stillness came. The stillness that only spring time brings. It wasn't the stillness that comes when there is a fresh blanket of snow laying on the ground-- but, a quite, warm, and happy stillness. And, again- it was a stillness that only spring can bring.

And as we basked in the happy stillness, we also stood around clapping our hands at the end of the driveway, taking turns singing the verses to one of our favorite songs. It was one of those "This-is-what-I-love" moments. And we enjoyed it.

I can remember several years ago, standing at the kitchen sink and sucking on the seed of a mango. It is tradition that I get the seed-- and since I am all about tradition-- I stand at the sink sucking on the mango seed. Every single time we get a mango. I hope it is always like that, because I would hate to break a tradition- and mango (seeds) are so darn yummy.


But, of course, there are some of us who opt for the actual meat of the fruit. I like that too.

 And then there are strawberry's. Big, red, juicy ones that-- you guessed it-- only spring can bring. My last summer held many-a-day in a strawberry field... under the blazing sun that there was no getting away from in the big open field that when on for rows, and rows.

I love Fridays- but, Friday nights are even better. Happy weekend.


Giann said...

I love that picture of your brother and the strawberries!! Have you ever tried getting a flickr? I have one and I think you should too! :) I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Alexandra! said...

Love the last picture! <3 :)

Love Unawakened said...

Precious pictures and blog!!