::because I need to::

Here are some of the pictures from the last two weeks... sorry it has been so long. =) I haven't wanted to post the four hundred pictures that I have taken! =) It is eight thirty, the house is quiet except for Mama reading to the boys in there room down the hall, and Dolly Parton singing "I will always love you" (very pretty and sad song, btw) I guess I kind of skimped on my Valentins post, but I promise there is a post to follow this one for Valentins day... I started on one a couple days ago, and never finished it. Anyway, here are the pictures~ Oh, and congratulations to everyone who made it throught big bad Monday! =)


Giann said...

I Love the pics!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Memaw said...

Really enjoyed the pictures. LilyKate changes so much everytime
I see her.
Love Memaw

(*>*)White Tiger'98 said...

Awww! So cute Lydia! :) <3 I kind of think you have a classy look. Very pretty! :)


Laura said...

Hey Lydia! I see you re-did your whole blog! I like it. :)
Your Friend Forever,
Laura S