{Christmas Parade, Nutcracker, and a baby that looks like a Christmas Gift}

Looks like the cold weather has finally decided to make it's debut. Going Christmas shopping, going to a Christmas parade, and the Nutcracker, was a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit. The parade was fun, but how many firetrucks does a parade need? ; D I told Mama, that you can only take so many pictures of firetrucks, they had like seven of them!

Later that evening Mama took Abigail and I to the "Nutcracker". We had lots of fun.


This morning at church, Mama had to take Lily Kate out, so Levi went with here. They were gone for about 15 min. Then Levi comes beboping in by himself, and comes up to daddy and asks Him for the Diaper bag.... all the people around us got a good kick out of it!! = ) Then after the service was over, and we were walking out, we opened the door, and there was Levi standing there all alone (mama was in the room a few yards away in a room) and a man came up and shook his hand... he was so cute!!

I took a few pictures of Lily Kate after church... She looked adorable!


Well I am off to eat lunch... a few of them are heading out with Daddy to go Christmas shopping, Levi and Lily Kate will be down for a nap, so Mama, Titus, and I will have a nice relaxing afternoon.


Enjoy the pictures...

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Giann said...

Sounds like you had fun!