Cousins visit~

So this past Tuesday, our cousins arrived on a warm sunny afternoon. Abigail and I were waiting for their arrival by the end of the driveway. Finally I spotted their car coming down the road, with the Larry the Cucumber dangling in the window! They turned in the drive, and stopped the car, and jumped out, and that is when the fun began!
After we gave them the tour of our new home. We did several random things, took walks, played outside, ate dinner and other fun stuff. The next day, we went to the creek down the road. It was very refreshing after, being out in the hot afternoon! : P Riding bikes in the backyard was one of the main activities when they where here! And when I say riding bikes, it wasn't just riding in circles on the driveway. It was full of dodging pecan trees, and zooming behind the shed!!! I Gave Carrington a little lesson on riding a bike that was a little to big for her. "Stop and fall", "Stop and Fall", I would tell her! She would also remind me to put my own words into practice!! : P The next day we decided to go Strawberry picking! We picked in the big Field for about an hour. Then headed into the little shed, to pay and buy a few strawberry Slushi's! It was quite refreshing!

We had the best time, and can't wait till they come again! We love y'all a lot!


Carrington said...

Hi Liddie!
I enjoyed the time very much!
I can't wait till you come in 3 weeks! Look at my blog soon I will be posting alot! Oh, when we ate our strawberry Slush's our teeth turned red! Your town is very cute!

love you lots!,

~Eliza said...

Hello. Sounds like you all had fun.
You have a shed in your backyard with someone who sells strawberry slushis? I am confused. :)


~Eliza said...


(*>*) Jewel '98 said...

No, Eliza--
They picked strawberies, and then...WAIT! That doesn't make sense, your right, Eliza! But I think that Lydia meant to say that they made strawberry slushis'. :)


Abigail and Lydia said...

I am sorry everyone, that I made you confused! when we payed for the strawberrys, in the little shed, at the feild, we had the strawberry slushi's! And I will post pictures soon!

~Eliza said...

Oh, so you hvae another shed in your backyard that you were riding your bikes around? :)
That is ok. I enjpyed the pictures.

Abigail and Lydia said...