They Won.

They did it.

As we sat there huddled under out blankets, and umbrellas we watched as their team won. They won against the completely undefeated team-- and that made them happy. The game started off by the opposing team scoring first. Then the first home run was hit, and their one score was taken quickly taken away, and there were four put up for our team. They whole game went like that- completed with a second out-of-the-park home run.

It felt good to watch them crowded around the tiny table in the middle of Dairy Queen late after their game. They broke out in their muscle arms, and peace signs when the camera came out, and some of them just looked bewildered as to why I was taking the pictures. But I knew. I knew that someday-- maybe in the future, or maybe just in a few weeks ahead-- Gabe will look back at those pictures and remember the feeling of winning... and beating. It was a good feeling.

They now will go onto the field being more sure of winning, because they know their team can win... and they know they can win good.


Laura said...


Davis Family said...

I l-o-v-e Dairy Queen:D

Don't you just love seeing your little brothers happy when they win? It's so cute:)

~Alex (Carrington's friend)

Anonymous said...

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Jithin Jose said...

Love to see the champs